Religious Background

PTC welcomes applications from persons who are committed to Christ and His Kingdom. Incoming students must have had a definite Christian conversion and must be active in their local church prior to applying. They must exhibit sound moral character and agree to abide by the academic and social regulations and doctrinal tenets of PTC. Each applicant must submit a recommendation from his or her spiritual overseer.


Degree Program:

Applicants must be academically capable of coping with Degree level study. As an educational institution within an emergent society, PTC emphasizes English language proficiency. In order to be considered for admission in the Degree Division, the applicant must have satisfactorily completed the Higher Certificate of Secondary Education (or its equivalent), and must have acquired a minimum of two Principle passes.

Diploma Program

Upon successful completion of the two years of study of this program, the student is awarded a Diploma in Bible and Theology. To qualify for admission, the applicant should be a holder of the Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) or its equivalent.

Certificate Program

We offer two certificate programmes: certificate in Church ministries (CCM) and certificate in church Administration and management (CCAM) The minimum requirement for the certificate programs is O’level or its equivalent.

Registration Period

Students are expected to register during the scheduled registration period each term. The registration process is complete only after all classes have been scheduled, tuition and fees have been paid, registration forms have been turned in to the Registrar's Office, and books collected from the book depository.

Academic Advising

While PTC faculty and administration will provide as much help as possible in planning the student's academic program, each student is responsible for proper completion of the selected program of study and, therefore, should be familiar with the requirements listed in the student catalogue.

Transfer Students

PTC will consider, for transfer purposes, credits earned at approved accredited colleges and universities of a "C" grade quality or above, provided the courses are comparable to courses within the curriculum. This is only applicable to those applying for admission to the degree program. These transfer credits will not affect the student's grade point average reported on the PTC transcript.

Applicants who are applying for transfer of credits from non-accredited institutions are treated on an individual basis and the transferred credits and school are reviewed by the Academic Affairs Committee.

Readmission Following Voluntary Withdrawal

Those students who withdraw from the College either during a session or at the completion of a session must request readmission through the Registrar's Office prior to the session in which they are seeking to be re-admitted.

When the request to be re-admitted is received, the Admissions Committee will review the circumstances related to the student's withdrawal from the College. If approval is given by the Admissions Committee, the student will be allowed to submit the following documents:

1) An Application for readmission.
2) A current Pastor's Reference form.

If the Admissions Committee determines that a Degree student has not co-operated with the administration in the withdrawal process, then the student is free to seek re-admission to the College by completing the regular Application for Admission, but must satisfy all existing admissions requirements.

Readmission Following Dismissal

If a student is dismissed during a session or at the end of a term, the student must wait for a minimum of one year before seeking to be re-admitted to the College. A new Application for Admission must be completed, together with as many letters of recommendation as deemed necessary by the Admissions Committee. The focus of these letters of recommendation will be to determine that significant changes have occurred in the former student's character and conduct to warrant re-admission. These letters and the circumstances related to the dismissal will be carefully reviewed.

The student seeking re-admission must satisfy all current Admissions requirements in order to be considered for re-admission.

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